Welcome to Navettagalleria Fairytale Café!

The sculptures are some older works of sculptor Kirsi Kaulsen.

The hostess is the doll maker and the pictures on the wall are photos taken by the host of the doll characters outdoors in nature.

The café features for instance handicrafts and herbal products made by Äkäslompolo residents.

Cafe – restaurant- gallery

In gallery you can enjoy the magic world crearted by puppet artist Lea Kaulanen.
At the same time you can enjoy the cafeteria offerings.

Karila´s history

In the 50’s, Navettagalleria had four cows. The cows produced milk for the family dinner table and, when a calf was born, the colostrum was used for making bread cheese.

The kitchen, where today dishes are washed by a machine, once was the stall of Ilpo-horse. A horse was an indispensable aid for farms and forest work in Äkäslompolo in the 50’s.
The café ’s shop side housed four cows and a horse. The higher section was the haybarn.

Today the barn’s upper floor is only used for storage. But at one time the Karila family lived there during tourist seasons when all the bedrooms in the house accommodated tourists. Because, in the early days of tourism, almost all Äkäslompolo houses were used as accommodations for tourists.

Our blueberry juice has been pressed here and may be bought from the café either hot or cold.

Cocoa is our own house blend: a lactose-free chocolate drink.

The house’s pastry is a dream tart with whipped cream, cream cheese and jams, and is made from gluten-free and lactose-free ingredients.

The carrot cake is made of organic carrots.

”Munkki” is a local deep-fried donut. It contains NO milk or eggs.

“Siikakurnikka” is a salty pastry modified from a traditional recipe. It is whitefish fillet and onion wrapped in an organic dough, which is baked in the oven. A true delicacy for a fish lover, it’s worth a try!
The soup table usually has a pot of smoked reindeer soup. Local reindeer minced meat, root vegetables and potatoes have been used in the soup. In addition, the soup has smoked reindeer, cheese and a splash of cream. The soup is lactose-free and gluten-free. Bread and beverages are also available.

We have self-service and we ask that you place your order at the café!

You can see for yourself at the same time what we have to offer.

For example, we also have:
Mint Cocoa, Rum Cocoa, Irish Coffee, Forest Spirit herb liqueur, Beer.

Karilan Navettagalleria:

+358400 589 638



Karilantie 31
95970 Äkäslompolo (kartta)