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Karilan Navettagalleria  is a local family business


Every day we bake pies and pastries and  dish up homemade doughnuts.

Often we have a reindeer soup.

We also sell some quality handicraft. Come and see!

Photograph: Satu RenkoPhotograph: Satu Renko


In gallery you can enjoy the magic world crearted by puppet artist Lea Kaulanen. 

At the same time you can enjoy the cafeteria offerings


 Photograph: Satu RenkoPhotograph: Satu Renko


 Karila´s history


The Farm of Karila was built at early 1950´s. Owners Heino and Lahja Kaulanen moved in with their four children at 1953.

Family had five cows and a local working horse for the farm work and drive. On tohose times there was no road leading to the Äkäslompolo village. Every spring farm accommodated tourists, like almost every house in the village on those times. Heino drove tourists from and to Kolari by one-horse open sleigh. Lahja served meals at their kitchen for the visitors and family. Sauna was prepared for bathing every day. They accommodated tourist in their house, while the family moved to live to the attic of their cow barn.

All the buildings that my father, Heino, has built are still here. I have wanted to keep and preserve them as they were for respect of my parents work. It’s nice to live where you roots are.

I moved back to my home farm at 2000. Cow barn was renovated as a restaurant at 2005. The hay barn was renovated as a gallery at 2007.

- Lea Kaulanen -



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